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Product Consultation

Expert product consultation tailored to your needs, ensuring informed decisions and optimal solutions.

Welcome to Fescolo Pneumatic, your trusted supplier of pneumatic products! Every product we offer undergoes meticulous design and rigorous testing to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance.

In addition to providing high-quality pneumatic products, our professional team is dedicated to offering personalized product consultation and customized solutions. We provide free technical consultation services, unique product appearance and packaging design, as well as lifelong after-sales consultation to ensure your needs are fully met and to guarantee your competitiveness in the market.

Product Consultation and Customization Services

Our professional team provides expert consultation services to help you select products that perfectly match your needs. Whether you are a distributor of pneumatic products or a user of automated mechanical equipment, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements.

Explore Product Categories

FESCOLO's products cover matching solutions for pneumatic components and pneumatic systems, meeting the extensive needs of pneumatic product distributors and dealers with excellent quality and competitive prices. Standard products mainly include cylinders, solenoid valves, air control valves, angle seat valves, filters, pneumatic actuators, pneumatic hoses, and fittings. Customized non-standard cylinders, solenoid valves, fluid valves, hoses, fittings, and other products are highly welcomed by enterprises in the field of mechanical automation equipment.

You can learn product information through the following channels:

  1. Quickly browse main products at the bottom of this page.

  2. Visit our website's product page for detailed introductions. Please click on the Product Page.

  3. Download our product catalog for detailed parameter information. Please click on the Download Page

  4. For quick and comprehensive assistance, please reach out to our dedicated customer service team directly. Our team will promptly assist you with any inquiries or support needed. Click on the Contact Page to find more contact details.

Sales Department:   Email: sales@fescolo.com      WhatsApp/Phone: +86 15057491870

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Main Product:

1. Pneumatic Cylinder

◆ ISO6431(ISO15552) Pneumatic Cylinder

◆ Airtac Standard Pneumatic Cylinder 

◆ Mini Pneumatic Air Cylinder

◆ Compact Air Cylinder 

◆ Dual Rod Guided Air Cylinders 

◆ Rodless Air Cylinder 

◆ SMC Standard Air Cylinder   

◆ Pneumatic Rotary Cylinder 

◆ Other Special Air Cylinder

2. Pneumatic Cylinder Accessories

◆ Mounting Accessories For ISO Air Cylinder ◆ Mounting Brackets For Airtac Air Cylinder ◆ Mounting Brackets For Mini Air Cylinder ◆ Air cylinder assembly kits ◆ Aluminum air cylinder barrel ◆ Magnetic sensor or reed switch ◆ Air cylinder piston rod

3. Air Source Treatment Unit

◆ Festo Series Filter Regulator Lubricator ◆ SMC Series Air Filter Regulator ◆ Airtac Series Air Filter Regulator ◆ Pneumatic Auto Drain Valve ◆ Pressure Gauge   ◆ High Pressure Air Regulator

4. 2 way Solenoid Valve

◆ Direct Acting Solenoid Valve   ◆ Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve ◆ Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve ◆ Pneumatic Operated 2 Way Valve ◆ 2 Way Steam Solenoid Valve ◆ High Pressure High Temperature Valve ◆ Pulse Solenoid Valve   ◆ Other Type Valves

5. Solenoid Valve ◆ Pneumatic Solenoid valve ◆ High Quality Solenoid Valve ◆ Air Control Valve ◆ Manifold

6. Mechanical Valve

◆ Hand Operated Valve ◆ Foot Valve ◆ Push Button Valve   ◆ Check Valve ◆ Flow Control Valve ◆ Hand Sliding Valve ◆ Shuttle Valve ◆ Quick Exhaust Valve ◆ Ball Valve 7. Pneumatic Control Valve

◆ PV Series Angle Seat Valve ◆ TV Series 3 Way Angle Seat Valve ◆ DV Series Pneumatic Drain Valve ◆ DM Series Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve ◆ ASCO Type Angle Seat Valve ◆ PV32 Series Filling Angle Seat Valve ◆ EV Series Pneumatic Exhaust Valve ◆ VT Series Pneumatic Actuator ◆ GV Series Pneumatic Globe Valve ◆ MV Series Manual Angle Seat Valve ◆ CV Series Stainless Steel Check Valve

8. Pneumatic Air Tubing

◆ Polyurethane Tubing ◆ Nylon Tubing ◆ Polyethylene Tubing ◆ PFA Polytetrafluoro Ethylene Tube ◆ Other Tubing Accessories 9. Pneumatic Fittings

◆  Pneumatic Push In Fittings   ◆  Mini Type Pneumatic Push In Fittings ◆  Stainless Steel Push To Connect Fittings ◆  Full Brass Nickel Plated Pneumatic Push In Fittings ◆  SMC One Touch Fittings ◆ Throttle Valve And Hand Valve ◆ Pneumatic Muffler 10. Pipe Fitting

◆ Brass Fittings And Connectors ◆ Brass Fittings With Nickel Plated ◆ Brass Rapid Fitting With Nickel Plated   ◆ Brass Ferrule Compression Fitting ◆ Carbon Steel Connector   ◆ Check Valve (Non-Return Valve) ◆ Copper Pipe Fitting For Cooling ◆ Others 11. Pneumatic Quick Coupling

◆ American Type Quick Coupling ◆ European Type Quick Coupling ◆ Japanese Type Quick Coupling ◆ British Type Quick Coupling ◆ Israel Type Quick Coupling 12. Hydraulic Quick Coupling

◆  ISO7241-1A Series ◆  ISO7241-1B Series ◆  ISO5675 Series ◆  ISO16028 Series ◆  Thread Connected Series   ◆  A commonly used Chinese Series ◆  Non-Valve Series ◆  High pressure Series ◆  Accessories

Pressure Regulator

Digital Regulator Gas Pressure Regulator

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