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Our History



2001:Mold Origin

Fescolo's predecessor, Fangyi Pneumatic, was dedicated to the production of aluminum alloy die-casting molds.


2005.jpg2005 :Diversification 

The company made a strategic investment decision, entering the die-casting field of aluminum alloy cylinder front and rear covers and pistons, laying the foundation for future business expansion.    


2006:Standard Cylinder Production

Fescolo commenced the production of standard cylinders,receiving widespread acclaim from satisfied customers.



2008:Major Transformation

Fescolo underwent a comprehensive acquisition by Fokca, leading to a significant strategic realignment. At this juncture, Fescolo pivoted to specialize in supplying customized cylinders, special- purpose cylinders, large-diameter cylinders, cylinder barrels, piston rods, and etc. In the same  year,  James Woo was appointed as the company's technical engineer.     


2010:Air Source treatment Units Production Kickoff

The company invested in the production line for air source treatment components, providing customers with a more comprehensive range of solutions for pneumatic systems and expanding its business scope.


2013 :Expansion into Solenoid Valve Production 

Fescolo further diversified its product line by investing in the production of solenoidvalves,  solidifying its position in the pneumatic industry.  



2015:Leadership Restructuring

Jeffrey assumed the dual role of CEO for both Fescolo and Fokca, providing more efficient leadership for the company's strategic decisions and overall operations. In the same year, Antonio Bonifazii was invited to become the Chief technical directorfor Fescolo and Fokca.


2016 :Technological Upgrade 

The company introduced a high-precision CNC machining center, offering a comprehensive range of services from design and mold manufacturing to finished product processing, providing customers  with more holistic solutions.  



2019:Automated Production

The majority of the company's production lines achieved automation, marking a successful stride into intelligent manufacturing and enhancing production efficiency and product quality.


2022:Patent Application Surge

The company applied for a substantial number of technology and innovation patents, providing legal protection for technological advancements and consolidating its leading position in the  industry. 


2023: Setting Sail Again

Emerging from the shadows of the pandemic, the company is embarking on a new journey. The resurgence in performance is a result of years of dedication and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Fescolo continues to uphold the principles of technological innovation and quality first, providing customers with smarter and more efficient pneumatic solutions, contributing to the continuous advancement of the industry.



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