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Polyurethane Tubing

Polyurethane Tubing

If you are still in a trap to find a plastic tubing with high cost and nice tensile performance. Then polyurethane tubing must be the most suitable for you.

PU tubing provides high wear resistance, aging resistance, oil resistance and less compression deformation, which is widely used environmental friendly in many fields.

What is TPU?

TPU, as known as thermoplastic polyurethane, is a polymer compound with properties between plastic and rubber, with oil resistance, wear resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, high hardness and elasticity. 

It has better stability, chemical resistance, resilience and mechanical performance than PVC, and has less compression deformation.

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MaterialThermoplastic Polyurethane
Applicable medium Air, Water, Vacuum
Embient and fluid temperature-20℃~+80℃
Hardness Shore A 95A  ASTM D-2240
Tensile strength(kg/cm2) 600  ASTM D-638
Ultimate elongation(%) 490~590  ASTM D-638
Taber abrasion(mg) 30~40 ASTM D-1044
Tear strength(kg/cm2) 155  ASTM D-732


   Nice tensile performance

   High wear resistance

   Aging resistance

   Oil resistance

   Less compression deformation

   Environmental friendly

   Working temperature: -20~80℃

   Working pressure: 0~1.0MPa or Vacuum


PU tubes are widely used in different industries and fields. It is easy to see it in an industrial production and our daily life. They have become an indispensable part of modern industry and are mainly used in the following aspects:

   Automatic industry

   Hydraulic control systems

   Oil&Fuel lines

   Food machinery

   Pressure measuring devices

   Vacuum equipment

   Oxygen&Gas lines

   Automotive fluids

◆   Air tools

  Lubricated air feeds

Catagories of PU Tube

There are many types of Polyurethane tubing. Classification by hardness, there are:

95A Polyurethane tubing 

90A Polyurethane tubing 

85A Polyurethane tubing 

70A Polyurethane tubing 


According to the structure of the tube, there are:

◆ Single tube type PU tube, 

twin or double tube type PU tube 

triple tube type PU tube

multi-tube type PU tube. 

According to the shape of tubing, there are:

Straight type PU tubing, 

Curved type PU tubing

Spiral PU tubing or Coiled PU tubing.


According to the material, it divided into:

 Ester-based PU tubing

◆ Ether-based PU tubing

◆ Food grade PU tubing

In addition to the above types, there are also textile reinforced flexible Polyurethane tubing, which can withdraw higher abrasion and pressure resistance of the tube. As well as flame-retardant hose, Anti-spark PU tube and anti-static PU hoses for special purposes.

Why Choose Us?

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Our polyurethane tubing has excellent flexibility, kink resistance and abrasion resistance, and is available in a variety of colors, sizes and hardness, and flexible easy to assemble on tube fittings.


Our technical consultant Antonio Bonifazii is from Italy and has a strong background of technical issues. Our production manager, James Woo, who was ever a core technical engineer in AirTAC, has the industry-leading level in terms of technology process and production.


Many large European and American companies have become our long-term and stable customers, purchasing a large number of our PU tubings to replace expensive brand products. Every tube from our company goes through at least 5 inspections procedures.


In addition, customized PU tubes with special specifications, colors, and packaging styles for our customers are avaible. From the first email, placing an order, to production, inspection, and shipment, we will provide a complete set of service processes and the full records is to track the entire process of your purchasing. Fescolo (Fokca), your reliable trustworthy partner forever.

The difference between ester-based and ether-based Polyurethane Tubing

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Ester-based type and Ether-based type are the two basic types of Polyurethane tubing, they all have good chemical resistance and mechanical performance such as abrasion resistance and tear resistance.


Because of the different polyols used in the formulation, these two types of PU tubes exhibit different properties.


Ester-based PU tubing has excellent abrasion resistance and tensile resistance with lower cost. In contrast, Ether-based PU tubing has low water absorption, hydrolysis resistance, fungi resistance, low temperature resistance, and effectively Ultraviolet resistance.


The disadvantage of Ether-based type is that its production cost is higher than regular Ester-based type.

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