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Airtac Standard Pneumatic Cylinder

Airtac cylinder

AirTAC's commonly used cylinders include SC tie rod cylinders, SU Mickey Mouse Shape cylinders, SDA thin wall compact air cylinder, etc.

Our SC type tie rod cylinder has simple structure, stable quality and low production cost. The minimum cylinder diameter is 32mm, and the maximum cylinder diameter reaches 320mm.

Small bore SC cylinders such as 32mm~100mm are often used in automated production equipment, and large bore airtac cylinders are often used in large lifting equipment, such as trucks, lift tables, etc.


Since the SC cylinder does not have a special magnetic reed switch installation slot, an additional magnetic switch installation bracket is required when installing them.

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SU Mickey Mouse type pneumatic cylinder

SU Mickey Mouse type pneumatic cylinder and SC tie rod air cylinder have exactly the same installation and positioning dimensions, and almost all installation accessories of SU and SC can be used interchangeably.


The biggest difference between this two type is that the SU Mickey Mouse Shape air cylinder does not need another tie rod, and its mounting and fixing threads are directly processed on the four reinforcing ribs of the cylinder barrel. The installation and assembly are very convenient.

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◆ Working pressure: 0.1~1.0MPa

◆ Ambient temperature: -20~80℃

◆ Applicable fluid medium: Compressed air, non-corrosive gas

◆ Operating speed: 30-800mm/s

◆ Applicable reed switch types: CS1-M, CS1-U series, etc.

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