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Pneumatic Quick Coupling

Pneumatic Quick Coupling

Pneumatic quick coupling is a device that quickly connects and disconnects fluid pipeline systems. It is often used for pipelines that need to be switched on and off frequently.

According to different standards, it can be divided into American style, European style, Japanese style, British style, etc. The American style is mainly based on Parker's standard.


Our pneumatic quick coupling are easy to be operated and used in safe, and have a long work-life. They are highly interchangeable with several major brands such as Parker, Foster, Hansen, etc. Common applications include lawn mowers, pneumatic tools, air compressors, and auto parts industries. Please note that most of male plugs of pneumatic quick couplings are thru-type without self sealing function, if the medium is oil, water and other fluids, please choose closed type hydraulic quick coupling.

American Type Quick Coupling
European Type Quick Coupling
Japanese Type Quick Coupling
British Type Quick Coupling
Israel Type Quick Coupling

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