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Air Source Treatment Unit

Air Source Treatment Unit

Air source treatment components include air filter, air regulator, lubricator and auto drainer end.

A pneumatic filter is a device which removes contaminants from a compressed air stream. This can be done using a number of different techniques, from using a "media" type that traps particulates, but allows air to pass through to a venturi, to a membrane that only allows air to pass through.

A pressure regulator is a control valve that reduces the input pressure of a fluid to a desired value at its output. Its primary function is to match the flow of gas through the regulator to the demand for gas placed upon it, whilst maintaining a constant output pressure.


A pneumatic lubricator injects an aerosolized stream of oil into an air line to provide lubrication to the internal working parts of pneumatic tools, and to other devices such as actuating cylinders, valves and motors.

Festo Series Filter Regulator Lubricator
SMC Series Air Filter Regulator
Airtac Series Air Filter Regulator
Pneumatic Auto Drain Valve
Pressure Gauge
High Pressure Air Regulator

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