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Pneumatic Rotary Cylinder

Pneumatic rotary cylinder

Pneumatic rotary cylinder, also called pneumatic rotary actuator, which uses compressed air to push the rack and pinion inside, thereby turning linear motion into rotary motion.

Rotary pneumatic actuators are generally designed for use in many motion control systems to operate, for example, pick and place handlers or grippers, or to remotely control valves.

Our rotary actuators are with pinion and rack structure, running smoothly, and the interior is a double-cylinder structure, which can achieve double the output force. A rotary cylinder has high machining accuracy, convenient load installation and accurate positioning. There are installation holes in the middle of the worktable, which is convenient for installation and use.


Common rotary actuators are MSQ, CRQ2, CRA1 series. According to the buffer type, it can be divided into adjustment screw fixed buffer and hydraulic buffer. The maximum buffer energy of hydraulic buffer is 3 to 5 times that of the adjustable screw fixed buffer, and the buffer effect is much better than adjustable screw buffer.


According to the rotating angle, it can be divided into 180 degree rotary actuator and 90 degree rotary actuator.


 When use rotary actuators in low temperature environment, need to take antifreeze measures.

 Before using pneumatic rotary actuators, please remove the debris inside

 If a rotary cylinder is not used for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to the anti-rust care of the surface, and apply anti-rust oil to the moving parts. Dust plugs should be added to the air inlet and outlet.

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 Working pressure: 0.10~0.70MPa

 Proof pressure: 1.50MPa

 Ambient temperature: 0~60℃

 Structure: Pinion and rack

 Applicable fluid medium: Filtered compressed air

 Rotating angle range: 0~190°

 Cushion types: Fixed screw cushion and Hydraulic buffer

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