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Air cylinder piston rod

Air cylinder piston rod

The piston rod is a critical component of a cylinder, connecting to the piston and passing through the cylinder front cover to facilitate the transmission of pressure and generate mechanical motion.

In pneumatic and hydraulic systems, the piston rod transforms the pressure within the cylinder into linear motion, driving loads or executing specific tasks. 

Typically, it is a long and slender rod, with dimensions and materials varying based on specific applications and working environments.

The design and selection of piston rods are paramount for ensuring the normal operation of the cylinder and achieving specific work tasks. Piston rods are categorized by material, 

such as #45 carbon steel  piston rods with hard chrome-plated and stainless steel piston rods. 

Different types of piston rods can be chosen based on specific requirements to meet the demands of diverse working environments.

Due to the reciprocating motion of the piston rod through the front cover, dynamic sealing is required. This places higher demands on the surface finish of the piston rod. Generally, 

the surface finish of the piston rod needs to achieve Ra0.2 or better, and the tolerance of its diameter is typically within -0.01 to -0.02mm.

Here, we list four common types of piston rods:

 #45 Carbon Steel Piston Rod

 Stainless Steel Piston Rod

 Stainless Steel Hollow Piston Rod

 Tie Rod for Air Cylinder

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