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Dual Rod Guided Air Cylinders

Dual rod air cylinders and Guided pneumatic cylinder

Compared with the regular single-rod cylinder, the dual rod air cylinders(or double rod pneumatic cylinder) have a certain anti-torsion and anti-side load capacity, which can effectively prevent the rotation of the cylinder piston rod. Common dual rod air cylinders include TN, CXS, and STM series.

Guided pneumatic cylinder adds another guided rod on the basis of the single rod or double rod cylinders to make the movement trajectory of the cylinder more accurate, which can effectively increase the performance of resisting side load and reduce the influence of lateral swing. Most regular guided air cylinder is MGP series.

Both dual rod air cylinder and guided air cylinder have a magnetic ring inside, which is convenient for the magnetic switch to detect the position of the piston movement. There are mounting holes on three sides of the fixed plate of double rod air cylinder and guided pneumatic cylinder, which are convenient for multi-directional installation and use.


Working pressure: 0.15~0.7MPa

◆ Ambient temperature: -20~70℃

◆ Applicable fluid medium: Compressed air, non-corrosive gas

◆ Operating speed: 50-500mm/s

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