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Airtac Series Air Filter Regulator

Airtac series Air source treatment components

Airtac series air source treatment components are mostly made of aluminum alloy and plastic, with painted surface, fine workmanship and easy installation. High mechanical strength, high pressure resistance, stable performance, large flow rate, sensitive pressure adjustment and stable output.

Compared with SMC and Festo series air source processing components, Airtac series air source processors have lower cost and detailed price advantages, and are very popular among customers.

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Stable quality, durable pressure resistance

◆ Affordable and lower cost

◆ High pressure regulation precision,

◆ Sensitive pressure adjustment, large flow

◆ Good surface treatment technology, beautiful appearance


Applicable mediumCompressed Air
Grade of filtration40μm
Working pressure range0.05~0.85 MPa
Proof pressure1.5MPa
Temperature range5°C~60°C


Airtac series air source processors include duplexes, triplets, filters, filter pressure reducing valves, pressure regulating valves, lubricators, and automatic drains, etc.

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AIRTAC series air source processors, like FESTO and SMC series air source processors, are used as pretreatment systems in pneumatic systems, and are widely used in metallurgy, electromechanical, construction, transportation equipment, home appliances, light industry, machine tools, medical treatment, packaging Automated production in industries such as industry.


Usually, the compressed air discharged by the air compressor contains a certain amount of water, oil and dust. The temperature of the compressed air is as high as 140-170°C, and some of the water and oil have become gaseous.


Therefore, it is necessary to use an air source processor to purify the compressed air, and use compressed air to operate mechanical equipment.


In addition, pneumatic components such as solenoid valves, pneumatic actuators, and cylinders are often in high-frequency operation, and the friction between the valve and the inner wall of the cylinder increases.


At this time, it is necessary to use a lubricator to atomize the specified lubricating oil into a gaseous oil mist. Internal friction, thus prolonging its service life.

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