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Pneumatic Fittings

What are pneumatic fittings?

Pneumatic fittings are one of an important part of composing pneumatic piping system. The pneumatic fittings here mainly refer to pneumatic push to connect fittings or pneumatic one touch fittings, which are used to quickly connect various types of pneumatic tubes, hoses and tubings.

No need additional tools, the tubings or hoses can be inserted into these fittings by one hand, and then locked automatically and not easy to fall off. Compared with hydraulic joints, pneumatic fittings have more reliable sealing performance, require lower working pressure, relatively, have much lower cost


◆  Pneumatic Push In Fittings  

◆  Mini Type Pneumatic Push In Fittings

◆  Stainless Steel Push To Connect Fittings 

◆  Full Brass Nickel Plated Pneumatic Push In Fittings

◆  SMC One Touch Fittings 

 Throttle Valve And Hand Valve

◆ Pneumatic Muffler

Characteristics of pneumatic fittings

◆  Easy to operate,

◆  Low cost

◆  Not easy to leak

◆  Steady connection

◆  Available in multiple types, sizes and colors

Categories of pneumatic air fittings.png

Categories of pneumatic air fittings:

According to raw material and structure, there are:

Common pneumatic push in fittings

Common pneumatic push in fittings is used in large quantities and has numerous varieties, especially with metric size and PT thread, which are generally available in stock. 

Its main structure: PBT body, brass thread part, POM (polyoxymethylene) push button, the stainless steel 316 reed, and NBR sealing ring. Regular colors like black, blue, white, and special yellow, green, red as well are available. They are mostly applicable to low-pressure pneumatic piping system.

Mini type pneumatic push in fittings

The mini pneumatic push in fittings has similar structure as common pneumatic fittings. The biggest feature of this sort of fittings is its short and small dimension, which makes possible to be installed in a narrow space. Particularly, they are suitable for occasions where installation space is limited. E.g. automated robotic arms, integrated pneumatic piping systems, etc.

Full stainless steel push to connect fittings

For stainless steel push to connect fittings, its body, thread, button and reed are all made of stainless steel, usually 304, 316 or 316L. The sealing ring inside is FKM (fluorine or viton). 

They can be used in chemically corrosive environments such as strong acid and alkali, and can also be used in high temperature and high pressure conditions. The maximum working temperature is 200 degrees Celsius, and the maximum working pressure is 30Bar (3.0MPa).

Full brass with nickel plated pneumatic one touch fittings

This sort of pneumatic one touch fittings has full nickel plated brass body and push button, stainless steel reed lock ring, and NBR sealing rings. 

According to the structure,full brass nickel plated pneumatic fittings can be divided into two styles. 

One is the reed structure, which is similar to common pneumatic push in fittings and easy to insert and pull out Pneumatic Air Tubing

Another is an integrated structure. The biggest difference from the reed style, the integrated style does not have a reed inside, but integrates the locking device and the button for instead, so that it can withstand higher working pressure. The maximum working pressure can reach 50~70Bar.

High quality SMC one touch fittings

The high quality SMC one touch fittings is developed at the base of the standard of SMC pneumatic air fittings. It has beautiful appearance, finer workmanship, better sealing performance and relatively longer work-life than common pneumatic push in fittings.

Furthermore, there are also food grade pneumatic fitting as well as special customized pneumatic fittings.

How to choose the correct pneumatic air fittings 拷贝.png

How to choose the correct pneumatic air fittings?

The selection of pneumatic air fittings mainly refers to the actual use conditions and working pressure.

When the working pressure is below 10bar(1MPa), we can choose the regular pneumatic push in fittings with high cost performance.

For 10~30bar(1~3MPa): we recommend to choose full brass with nickel plated pneumatic one touch fittings or stainless steel push to connect fittings.

When it comes to working pressure above 30bar(3MPa), the integrated style of full brass with nickel plated pneumatic one touch fittings are recommended. Because this structure fittings can bear much higher forces than reed style pneumatic air fittings. 

On some special occasions, like acid-base, alkali-base, corrosive environments or food industry, full stainless steel push to connect fittings are strongly recommended.

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Pneumatic Push In Fittings
Mini Type Pneumatic Push In Fittings
Stainless Steel Push To Connect Fittings
Full Brass Nickel Plated Pneumatic Push In Fittings
SMC One Touch Fittings
Throttle Valve And Hand Valve
Pneumatic Muffler
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