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Aluminum Air Cylinder Barrel

What is aluminum pneumatic cylinder tube?

Aluminum pneumatic cylinder tube (also called aluminum air cylinder barrel) is a kind of profile pipe used for assembling cylinders with honed smooth inner wall and high precision.

It only needs to be cut according to the actual required length, flattened, tapped, and deburred to be assembled with the front and rear base of cylinders. Most aluminum air cylinder tubing are made of aluminum 6063.

It greatly improves the production efficiency and the qualified rate of finished products, and greatly reduces the production and processing cost. Each type of cylinder has a corresponding cylinder tube, the positioning hole of cylinder installation, fixing groove for magnetic reed switches, cylinder inner diameter, and outer diameter, etc., which are all finished on the cylinder tube in advance.


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Product categories

Round cylinder tube, Square cylinder tubes, Mickey Mouse type cylinder tube, SDA, CQ2, ADVU and other compact cylinder tubes, dual rod cylinder and compact guide cylinder tubes, and stainless steel honed hydraulic tubing, etc.


Characteristics of different types of cylinder tubes

Round type

It generally used for SC series tie rod cylinder, and aluminum mini pneumatic cylinder. It has a simple structure, low cost and convenient installation. There is a large amount of inventory, so we can make fast delivery for most types. The maximum inner diameter is 320mm.


Square type

Mainly used for DNC series and ISO series pneumatic cylinders. Square type cylinder tube is much stronger than common Round type cylinder tube, and has more accurate size too. The inner wall is honed and smooth and wear-resistant after oxidation treatment. It can be matched with most ISO15552 and ISO6431 cylinder front and rear bases.


The installation thread can be directly processed on the square cylinder tube, no need for another tie rod to fix it. In addition, the cylinder tube has installation grooves for magnetic reed switch, which is more convenient to fix magnetic reed switches directly on it without any brackets. The operation is very simple. The bore size range is from 32mm to 125mm.


Mickey Mouse type cylinder tube

The cross-section of the Mickey Mouse cylinder tube is similar to Mickey Mouse, so it is often called a Mickey Mouse cylinder, which are used to assemble SI, SU and ISO series cylinders. The feature of this cylinder tube is that 4 raised ribs are used to replace the tie rod on the tie rod cylinder. In this way, it can reduce the problem of uneven installation force greatly, and it is much more convenient to assemble than the SC cylinder.


The cost of Mickey Mouse type cylinder tube is between SC round cylinder tube and DNC square cylinder tube, and its strength is much stronger than SC type. The bore size (inner diameter) range is from 32mm to 320mm. Please note that although the Mickey Mouse type cylinder tube of SI and SU series look the same in appearance, there are subtle differences in the specific installation dimensions and cannot be replaced at will to avoid problems in assembly.


SDA, CQ2 and other compact cylinder tubes

Compact cylinders are special. Their front and rear covers or bases are fixed with circlips, unlike other cylinders to be fixed with threads or tie rods. The bore size range is usually from 32mm to 100mm.


Dual rod cylinder tube and compact guide cylinder tube

The biggest advantage of the dual rod cylinder is that it can ensure the parallel movement of the cylinder piston without any rotation and swing. Common dual rod cylinder tubes include TN, CXS, MGP series, etc.


Stainless steel cylinder tube

Stainless steel cylinder tube is generally used to assemble MA, DSN series stainless steel mini air crimp cylinders, and can also be used to assemble all stainless steel series tie rod cylinders or hydraulic cylinders. Because the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is much higher than that of air cylinder, the wall thickness of hydraulic cylinder tube is also much thicker than common pneumatic cylinders. Stainless steel cylinder tubes are available in 304, 316, and 316L grades. Without special instructions, the default material is stainless steel SUS304.



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