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Pressure Regulator

Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulator is a valve or device that reduces the inlet pressure to a certain required outlet pressure through adjustment, and relies on the energy of the medium itself to automatically keep the outlet pressure stable.

From the point of view of fluid mechanics, pressure regulator is a throttling element whose local resistance can be changed, that is, by changing the throttling area, the flow rate and the kinetic energy of the fluid are changed, resulting in different pressure losses, so as to achieve the purpose of decompression.

Then rely on the adjustment of the control and adjustment system to balance the fluctuation of the pressure behind the valve with the spring force, so that the pressure behind the valve remains constant within a certain tolerance range.

This series of pressure regulators include electronic digital pressure regulator, high pressure regulators for gas cylinder, precision adjustment pressure regulator etc.

Our pressure regulator is made of high-quality brass or stainless steel, with advanced design and precise process. Multiple inspection procedures must be done before shipping. They are stable and reliable, professional and safe, and its quality is guaranteed. 

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