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Rodless Air Cylinder

What is a rodless cylinder?

Magnetically coupled rodless cylinder, referred to as rodless cylinder or rodless actuator, the biggest difference between it and regular cylinder is that there is only a piston in the rodless cylinder and no piston rod, while the regular cylinder contains both a piston and a piston rod.

The working principle of a rodless air cylinder is: install a group of high-strength magnetic permanent magnetic rings on the piston, and the magnetic lines of force interact with another group of magnetic rings sleeved outside through the thin-walled cylinder.

Because the two groups of magnetic rings have opposite magnetic properties, they have a strong suction force from each other. When the piston is pushed by air pressure in the cylinder, under the action of the magnetic force, the magnetic ring sleeve outside the cylinder is driven to move together.

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Rodless cylinders with magnetic coupling have no piston rod protruding from the cylinder block


 The overall installation size is small, and the axial space is small, which saves about 44% of the axial space than the standard regular cylinders.


 The piston area at both ends of the magnetic coupling rodless cylinder is equal, so the values of the thrust and the pulling force are equal, and it is easy to achieve intermediate positioning. When the piston speed is 250mm/s, the positioning accuracy can reach ±1.0mm


 The surface of the piston rod of standard regular cylinder is easy to accumulate dust and rust, and the rod seal may absorb dust and impurities, resulting in leakage. However, the external slider of magnetic coupler rodless cylinder has no dynamic seal and no external leakage.

 Magnetically coupled rodless cylinder can produce ultra-long stroke specifications. The ratio of the inner diameter to the stroke of the standard regular cylinder is generally not more than 1/15.


 While the ratio of the inner diameter to the stroke of the rodless cylinder can reach about 1/100, and the longest stroke can be produced to 3m within the range to meet the needs of long-stroke applications.


 The magnetic coupling type has a small shape and has mounting threads and nuts at both ends, which can be directly installed on the equipment


 The magnetic coupling rodless cylinder has a relatively small load and is suitable for loading small workpieces or manipulators to move


 When the basic magnetic coupling type moves back and forth, the slider may rotate, and a guide rod guide device must be added, or the magnetic coupling rodless cylinder with a guide rod type is selected.


 Compared with the mechanical type of the guide belt part of the leakage defect, magnetically coupled rodless cylinder has no external leakage, and can be maintenance-free after installation and use.

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Because rodless cylinders are not affected by rod overhang, bending, piston binding and uneven seal wear, rodless cylinders are ideal for applications in confined areas and long strokes where space is limited.

As an actuator in the pneumatic system, the rodless cylinder can be used for opening and closing doors of automobiles, subways and CNC machine tools, mobile positioning of manipulator coordinates, parts transfer of centerless grinders, combined machine tool feeding devices and automatic line feeding, cloth and paper cutting and electrostatic spray paint etc.


 CY series rodless cylinders are roughly divided into three types according to their structure:

 Basic type: CY1B, CY3B, without guide structure

 Imitation rotation type: CY1R imitation rotation with guiding base plate

 Double rod type: CY1S and CY1L


It is worth noting that the thrust of the cylinder piston must be adapted to the suction of the magnetic ring. The thrust of the cylinder piston must be compatible with the suction of the inner and outer magnetic rings.


When the air pressure is too high or the load is too heavy, the piston thrust is too large and the attraction between the magnetic rings cannot be maintained, the inner and outer magnetic rings will be disengaged. Then the cylinder works abnormally.

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