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Difference Between Mechanical Valve And Pneumatic Valve

Sep 26, 2022

The mechanical valve means that the movement of the spool is controlled by a machine, such as a manual reversing valve, a motorized reversing valve, and the like. Pneumatic reversing valve means that the spool movement is controlled by gas pressure, such as shuttle valve, quick exhaust valve and so on. Some valves are combined with pneumatic and maneuvering. For example, the left and right positions of the pneumatic reversing valve are pneumatically controlled, and the middle position is controlled by a spring.

The main difference between the two is that the function of the valve is the same, but the control method of the core movement is different, the pneumatic control pressure is small, the movement is reliable, the reaction is fast, and the pneumatic power source is needed; the response of the maneuver control is not as fast as pneumatic, but the structure is simpler than the pneumatic, for example, a The spring can be controlled.

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