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Magnetic sensor or reed switch

What is a reed switch?

Reed switch, also known as Magnetic reed switch or Motion sensor switch, is a switching element controlled by magnetic field signals. It is to lead the wire of the reed switch encapsulated in the casing, and the plastic casing with the magnet is fixed at the other end.

When the magnet is close to the switch with the wire, a switch signal is sent to turn on the wire. Generally, the distance to connect the signal is 10mm.

When there is no magnetism, the wire is disconnected and can be used to detect the state of electrical circuits or mechanical movement.


Switch type: Normally open

 Operating Voltage: 5~240V DC/AC

 Ambient temperature: -10~70℃

 Switching current: 100~200mA max.

 Contact rating: 6~10W max.



 Easy to install

 Complete variety, can be applied to various of cylinders

 Very Sensitive

 Long work life

 The length and color of the lead wires can be customized according to your requirements



 The voltage and current should not exceed the usage range.

 It is strictly forbidden to connect the magnetic switch directly with the power supply, and it must be used in series with the load (such as relay, etc.).

 Before selecting and connecting the magnetic switch, confirm the working power supply used. When using a DC power supply, the red wire of the magnetic switch should be connected to the positive pole of the power supply.

 Please avoid using the magnetic switch cylinder in an environment with strong magnetic field and high current. If you want to use it, please add a shielding device.

 Select the cylinder accessories: according to the requirements of action and connection, select the cylinder accessories.

 For round cylinders without mounting grooves, you need to purchase mounting clamps for the reed switches.



The magnetic switch is mainly used to control and detect the movement position of the piston in the cylinder, so as to control the running position of the equipment or machinery. It can also be used to control the actions of industrial machinery, such as conveyor belts, rotating discs, lift tables, etc.



 According to the installation method on the cylinder, it can be divided into: CS1-M series, CS1-S series, CS1-U series, CS1-F series, etc.

 According to the number of wires, it can be divided into: two-wire type and three-wire type. And the three-wire type is classified into two types: NPN type and PNP type.

Connecting diagram

Connecting diagram 拷贝.jpg

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