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Fescolo pneumatic Co., Ltd. , found in 2001, which specializes in pneumatic products for automation industry. 

We have an excellent technical research department, first-class production technology and equipments. All our workshops are in accordance with 6S principles.  At present, we have 18 production lines, more than 2,000 production equipments, annual turnover of more than 20 million US dollars. 

Until now, our customers are more than 50 countries around the world. Our major products include air cylinders, solenoid valves, pneumatic control valves, filter regulators, air hoses and fittings. The applications involve industrial automation, medical treatment, sanitary ware, automobile manufacturing, wire and cable, horticulture and agricultural irrigation etc. Furthermore, we accept ODM and OEM customization services, and can design packages and labels for our customers.

Our chief technical engineer, Antonio Bonifazi from Italy, had worked as a technical engineer in Aigiro Group and NSG Group for many years. He has fruitful experience and unique technology in mechanical automation industry. Each product from Fescolo will go through 3 inspections at least before shipping, in order to guarantee every product you receive is perfect. The raw materials we use are the best and latest. Basically, all our molds are developed and designed by ourselves, which ensures the stability of product quality. At present, 70% workshops realize automatic production, which greatly increases the production capacity. Compared with last year, the annual production capacity has increased by more than 50%. In addition, there are a large number of workblanks and semi-finished products available in stock. From order confirmation to delivery, usually it takes only 3~10 working days. We have stable freight forwarders by sea, air and train, so that we can deliver the goods to our customers with the best price and service.

Most of our products includes a one-year or 6-month warranty. Many replacement parts are available in stocked they can be shipped within 3 days. Our technical sales team experienced and reliable can provide best services from pre-sales to after-sale, as well as technical support and consultancy. We are on a mission to create a green and healthy production environment for our employees, to provide our customers with professional and efficient services, energy-saving and stable quality products.

Warmly welcome and opening up the boundaries of our communication. Sincerely, we are looking forward to your cooperation in the near future. FESCOLO, your trusted partner forever.

Jeffrey Bu

Jeffrey Bu

Sales Director

Jeffrey Bu currently is the Director of Sales in Fescolo, who graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, with an educational background in machinery and automation. 

Previously he worked as a Mechanical Engineer with Guilin Pilkington under NSG Group in Japan in 2006, and working with Technical Consultant Mr. Antonio Bonifazi together at the moment. Jeffrey’s worked in Fescolo for more than 12 years and successively served as mechanical engineer, technical marketing consultant and sales manager. Benefit from familiarity with products and strong technical background, he can analyze the needs of customers with a professional perspective and make professional comments and suggestions in the first time when faces the needs of customers. He is also easy-going, positive, and high efficient in communication. The company's performance has risen year after year under his leadership.

Antonio Bonifazi

Antonio Bonifazi

Technical Consultant

Antonio Bonifazi is an experienced senior mechanical engineer. He has worked as a mechanical engineer in Argiro Group in Italy and NSG Group in Japan. With a solid technical foundation, he is also proficient in multiple languages, such as Italian, English, Spanish, Russian. Currently, he serves as technical consultant for both Fescolo pneumatic and fokca automation, to provide technical support and consulting work. He is the core competitiveness of our company by solving many technical problems and providing corresponding solutions for customers.

Cissy Chen

Cissy Chen

Marketing Director

Cissy is the marketing director in our company. She once served as market planning in Exmagen, which is a multinational company , mainly responsible for corporate brand planning, maintenance and publicity. 

According to the company's overall strategy, she made overall planning, deployment and resource allocation for the company's sales projects. And lead the members of the market department to collect various market information, establish a good relationship with customers, timely feedback customer information, meet customer needs, and improve customer satisfaction. As the leader of the marketing department, Cissy has a flexible mind, strong planning ability, and rich experience in brand promotion. Under her leadership, Fescolo's popularity has grown year by year.

James Woo

James Woo

Production Manager

Previously James Woo served as the technical director and production supervisor in Airtac with fruitful working experience. 

Since 2012, he played the role of technical director, quality engineer, and currently the production manager in Fescolo. James Woo has a strong sense of responsibility, rigorous work, and has deep product expertise and production management experience. After being the production manager, a series of improvement measures have been made for the production process and organizational structure, which is a strong guarantee for the safety of the company's employees, product quality and delivery time.

Peter Cheng

Peter Cheng

Quality Assurance Engineer

Peter Cheng is the quality assurance engineer in Fescolo. 

He is mainly responsible for arranging daily inspection tasks, following up inspection progress, and data analysis of semi-finished products, finished products, and verified products, summarizing inspection data, analyzing batch-to-batch differences of each product, and promptly communicating with the production department on quality of product. Each of our products needs to go through 3~8 inspection processes to ensure that every product delivered to customers is qualified. Peter is rigorous, careful, responsible for certification, and meticulous in his work. Together with the members of the quality control team he leads, he plays a huge role in product quality control.

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