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Do You Really Understand the Cylinder?



The so-called pneumatic actuator such as Double acting micro cylinder is a device that USES compressed air as power and drives the motion of straight line, swing and rotation.

Take the most commonly used basic cylinder as an example to see what's going on inside.

Classification of cylinders

Single acting cylinder:

The piston is supplied with air only on one side, and pressure pushes the piston out, returning by spring or dead weight.

Double acting cylinder:

Cylinder piston on both sides of the gas pressure to achieve forward or back action.

About the buffer of the cylinder

If the buffer device is not used, when the piston moves to the end, especially the cylinder with long stroke and fast speed, the kinetic energy of the piston hitting the end cap will be very large, which will easily damage the parts and shorten the cylinder life.

What's more, the noise from the impact is quite deadly. If a cylinder without a buffer is 70dB, the entire factory would be as loud as 140dB, like being on a jet runway for a long time. This has reached the limits of what humans cannot stand and suffer. We aslo supply Dual Rod Cylinder. welcome to our website know more details.

Double acting micro cylinder

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