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About Cylinder Lubrication



Lubrication of cylinder such as Full Stainless Steel Pneumatic Cylinder, its purpose is to reduce the movement of the cylinder on the cylinder itself damage, extend the life of the cylinder.

Full Stainless Steel Pneumatic Cylinder

Feed lubrication:

Using an oil mist, the oil is mixed with compressed air and sent to the cylinder.

Non-feed lubrication:

Only use the built-in grease, do not need to use the oil mist for oil supply; Avoid contamination of food and drug packaging by oil particles in the process of transportation, impact on the properties of certain industrial chemical pigments, or impact on the accuracy of testing instruments, etc.

At present, most manufacturers have fully realized the non-oil and gas cylinder.

Matters needing attention:

Once lubricated with feed oil, continuous use is required. Once stopped, life expectancy drops sharply.

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