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Magnetic Sensor for SC Standard Cylinder
  • Magnetic Sensor for SC Standard Cylinder

Magnetic Sensor for SC Standard Cylinder


1) The CS1-U series magnetic switches are used for SC,SU,SI standard cylinders.

2) The default length of cable is 1meter, more length can be selected,like 2m,3m,4m,5m…

3) Mounting it conveniently on the cylinder.

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  • Specification
  • Dimension
Switch logicNormal openNormal closedElectronic non-contact,Normal open
Sensor typeReed switch typeNPN type,current-inPNP type,current-out
Operating Voltage5~240V DC/AC5~120vdc/ac5~30V DC
Switching Current100mA max200mA max
Contact Rating10W max6W max
Current ConsumptionNo20mA max@24V(switch active)
Voltage Drop2.5V max@100mA0.5V max@200mA
Leakage CurrentNo0.01mA max
IndicatorLED in redLed greenLED in redLED in green
CableΦ3.8, 2C, Gray PVCΦ3.8, 2C, Black PVC
Sensitivity60 Gauss
Max.switch Frequency200Hz1000Hz
Temperature Range-10~70℃
Fence ClassficationIEC 529 IP67 (NEMA6)
Protection CircuitNoReverse Polarity protection,short circuit protection,
     Surge absorbing protection

Connection Diagram:

Over and dimension:

Clamp and fixed parts:

QD quick connecting diagram:

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